Unveiling The Infinity Love Scarf Ring

Unveiling The Infinity Love Scarf Ring

Dear COLUCCI Enthusiasts,
We are thrilled to share the exciting journey behind our latest creation - the Infinity Love Scarf Ring. Inspired by the desire for an accessory that seamlessly combines functionality with timeless elegance, our vision for this piece was clear from the beginning. We aimed to craft a scarf ring that not only secures your scarf with finesse but also stands out as a statement piece on its own.

Initial Design

Our vision included a piece with a perfect blend of texture and a smooth finish, allowing your silk scarf to glide through effortlessly.
We insisted on high-quality materials, striking the balance between substantial weight and practicality.
With a design centred on the interlocked elegance of the COLUCCI monogram, encapsulating it within the timeless embrace of the eternal circle, a symbol of boundless infinity.

From Vision to Tech Pack

With the design locked in, the next step was translating our vision into reality through a meticulous tech pack. This crucial stage laid the foundation for the entire production process, ensuring every detail was captured accurately.

Bringing it to Life

From the tech pack, the factory first creates a digital 3D rendering based on the design specifications before moving on to the moulding process. This step is to confirm sizing and texture only, as colour and finishing will come later in the process.
We choose to work with this family-run factory in Bergamo, Italy, for their mastery of traditional techniques blended with modern technology and their 30 years of expertise. They also align with our sustainability values by avoiding large minimum order quantities. This approach allows us to produce mindfully and in limited quantities, reducing unnecessary waste.


We strive to minimise the need for extensive sampling, and fortunately, we achieved success in just one attempt. A touch of refinement is all that was necessary to elevate it to the level of excellence we consistently aim for.

Crafted for Elegance

A stylish Silk Scarf Scarf Ring, designed for scarves up to 90cm, crafted in brass in Italy. This sophisticated accessory adds elegance while securely holding scarves in place, preventing slips. Shop now for a unique blend of style and functionality
This sophisticated scarf ring is designed for scarves up to 90cm, ensuring a secure and stylish fit for any ensemble. Made in Italy and crafted in brass with a gold nickel-free finish, it not only adds a touch of elegance but also keeps your scarves in place, preventing slips and ensuring a polished look.

Luxury Packaging

As the product is perfected, our focus shifts to packaging. We are dedicated to providing a luxurious experience for you and the planet. Every detail, from materials to country of origin and afterlife considerations, is meticulously thought through, ensuring a premium and sustainable experience.

Limited Edition

We're thrilled to extend an exclusive invitation to be among the first to access the inaugural limited run of our Infinity Love Scarf Ring, featuring only 20 meticulously crafted pieces. 
Thank you for joining us on this journey of creativity and craftsmanship. The Infinity Love Scarf Ring is not just an accessory; it's a testament to the dedication, passion, and meticulous attention to detail that defines COLUCCI.
With love,
The House of COLUCCI
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Infinity Love Scarf Ring

Brass scarf ring made in Italy